Daily email service Timehop now includes the text messages you sent last year

Daily email service Timehop now includes the text messages you sent last year

My favorite service on the Web right now has to be Timehop. The premise is simple, the service sends you daily emails about all of your social activities that happened the year before.

I look forward to waking up to my Timehop email, which includes tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos I’ve posted, and foursquare check-ins. How could it get any more awesome? It found a way, because the service can now include text messages that you sent the year before.

In the announcement on the Timehop blog, the team calls text messages its “favorite feature yet”:

That’s right! Your timehop experience can now include your text messages from a year ago!

Your text messages are a rich part of our personal history. They capture the most important parts of our lives—the moments and stories shared with close friends.

But they’re usually trapped in our phones with no way to get them out. With the release of Timehop Sync, we’re letting our users unlock that rich history.

Our team has been using this feature for several months now and we’ve found it incredibly powerful, and rather addictive too. We think you’ll agree.

Grabbing your text messages is a simpler process than I thought it was going to be. The company has built a piece of software called “Timehop sync” which requires you to plug your device in via USB. The software does the rest:

Depending on how many text messages you have, the sync can take quite a while. But it’s completely worth it to have this type of update added to your daily Timehop digest:

My updates from a year ago always turn into a real-world conversation with whomever I happen to be around when the email comes through. I love seeing where I was and what I was doing last year, and Timehop does it in an awesome way.

I can’t wait to see how many LOLs I get from seeing what texts I sent a year before tomorrow.


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