Summer in New York City? Check out Immaculate Infatuation’s “Guide To Killing It This Summer”

Summer in New York City? Check out Immaculate Infatuation’s “Guide To Killing It This Summer” ...

By day, he’s the VP of PR and Media at Warner Bros. Records, but at night go-getter Andrew Steinthal runs the dining and entertainment site Immaculate Infatuation, which he likens it to a Zagat “for the new generations”. Steinthal runs Immaculate Infatuation with his business partner Chris Stang, a fellow music biz guy. They’re not real food critics so the reviews are written in a relatable, everyman fashion. Let’s just say they eat out a lot, and have very strong opinions.

“Although it’s primarily a restaurant reviews site, it’s really a lot more,” says Steinthal. “The movement behind the site and the passion in which people show is so different from what you usually see in the food space. People have started to trust our brand. We did our annual Turkey Leg Ball in November and sold out of 500 tickets at $60 a pop in under a week. It was a hot ticket and people came and had a blast. It was amazing to see Immaculate Infatuation really come to life in person.”

Today, the guys are at it again with their new Immaculate Infatuation’s Guide To Killing It This Summer. The 65-page multi-touch book includes the best new restaurants with gardens, patios, and outdoor eating; best bars for summer drinking; best wines to drink; best beer gardens; best concerts and music festivals; best food events; best parks and outdoor spaces and best destinations like The Hamptons and North Fork. The summery book is optimized for the new iPad’s retina display and took 2.5 months to put together using Apple’s iBooks Author.

It’s free, beautifully done and includes a plethora of places I’d highly recommend as well, and a ton of new places I’m excited to check out. Consider your summer-time drinking and eating sorted.

“We put this together to help you get the most of our few fleeting months of New York City sunshine, all while being as gluttonous and irresponsible as possible. Inside you’ll find a handful of new restaurants that we’re excited about, some of the best outdoor dining in town, and a bunch of places we frequent for a drink or two when it’s warm out. Can’t read? Don’t worry. There should be enough hi res photos in here to keep you and/or any four year old entertained for at least an hour or two,” says Steinthal.

If you find any typos, the authors issued little warning: “This thing is probably full of typos, considering we wrote most of it in a 3am haze fueled by Macallan and chocolate chip cookies. Go easy on us.”

The boys also have an iPhone app chock full of restaurant reviews, making it easy to find a good place to eat on the run. You can search by categories like “dinner with parents”, “date night”, “action at the bar” etc. or find Infatuation approved restaurants near your current location. The app won “Local App Of The Year” this past year from The Village Voice.

Immaculate Infatuation’s Guide to Killing it This Summer is their first of many iPad projects to come. Check it out at the link below.

➤ Download it here (Free). (N.B. You must have iBooks 2 downloaded on your iPad.)

Don’t have an iPad? Read the PDF here.

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