makes slideshow creation easy with Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook photos [invites] makes slideshow creation easy with Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook photos [invites]

If you’ve ever wanted to make a slideshow of photos to commemorate an occasion, or just because the mood struck you, you probably know that it’s not the easiest process in the world. First, you have to find all of the photos that you want to include, and those photos might be scattered all over the web. Second, you have to find the right software to build the show. After that, sharing it can be a chore.

EasyHi, a company that I met with when I was in Israel, built a beautiful platform in that allows you to upload or pull in your Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook photos to create beautiful slideshows with music, and share them easily.

Additionally, the company has an eye on building a community of people who absolutely love building slideshows to share with one another on the site as well.

On with the show

Once you sign up for, and we have 100 exclusive invites for you, you can connect all of your accounts that are associated with photos. Even if you don’t have a reason for creating one, the process is so simple that you’ll be inspired by all of the other people creating them on the platform:

Once you’ve connected your accounts, all you have to do is click on the photos that you’d like to include in your slideshow. You can grab 3 photos from Instagram, 10 from Flickr, 5 from Facebook, and upload a few from your desktop. It doesn’t matter what the source is, all photos will be brought in together as one video slideshow:

After you’ve selected all of your photos, you can drag them around to put them in the order that you want. You can also add some music to the show by using YouTube videos or SoundCloud music, which are all made available from within the site:

After you’ve gotten the perfect combination of pictures and music, you can add a few effects to your show to liven it up a bit. It’s a really fun process and once you’re done you might come up with something like this:

You can embed the slideshow on your site or share it to Twitter, Google+, or Facebook with a click of a button. It’s a really neat platform and I think the company could be on to some big things.

Use the code “thenextweb” to get in!

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