Bloodnote: Checking your blood pressure just got really sexy

Bloodnote: Checking your blood pressure just got really sexy

Bloodnote is a simple app where you can track your blood pressure and control your health. Created by Peter Bajtala and Matt Ludzen, Bloodnote’s wonderfully minimal design turns a mundane task into something much easier on the eyes.

Today, blood pressure is still typically tracked on paper. As you’d expect, keeping all that data on your iPhone means less clutter and more potential for visualizing drastic and/or gradual changes overtime.

The way health and wellness industries mingle with the influence of startups and tech continues to evolve. Just recently, we saw Facebook’s life saving organ donor feature, Noom’s Android lifestyle app, and Runmeter’s integration with iCloud.

More details, from the creators:

Bloodnote is an app for daily logging and controlling your blood pressure. You will always have your actual blood pressure data at hand.

Forget all the papers with your blood pressure written down which you would lose anyway.

Write indications straight to your phone and have them with you when you need them. Show them to your doctor just when needed.

Easy to use interface will help you log your blood pressure data without hassle and simple calendar will remind you about being systematic.

Remember: hypertension is medical condition not only of elders. Take care of your health

Bloodnote isn’t a one stop shop for tracking your health. Instead, it’s a highly niche app that does one thing and does it well. For anyone that has to monitor their blood pressure and pulse regularly, this app is certainly worth a look.

➤ Bloodnote, $1.99 via the App Store

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