BellaDati brings companies beautiful business analytics they’ll actually want to use

BellaDati brings companies beautiful business analytics they’ll actually want to use

For businesses, information is critical. But more than information, you need data. Data is what happens when the influx of information goes from being fire hose to something with more meaning. For companies who haven’t found a way to do this, we’d like to introduce you to BellaDati.

Based out of Prague in the Czech Republic, BellaDati came from the realization that enterprise software lacked the intuitive, sexy nature that is often found in consumer-focused apps. So the company was formed to bring business intelligence reporting that would actually be a pleasure to use. Judging from what we’ve seen, the company appears to have succeeded.

With the ability to pull in data from powerhouse names such as Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics and platforms like MS SQL, DB2 and Oracle DBs, BellaDati has all of the makings of a great reporting tool. But what matters more than what goes in is what comes out. That’s where BellaDati really shines. For instance, take a look below at the Manager’s Dashboard:

These same types of reports are available via browsers, or via Piccolo, BellaDati’s companion iOS application. Within the reports BellaDati claims to offer business intelligence that is powerful enough to be drilled down to the finest of points, while still being easy enough to manage that people will actually want to use them.

On the developer side of things, BellaDati has an API available and is hoping to integrate with even more platforms moving forward. But the company is quick to point out that the BellaDati product is meant to give a wealth of information without the need to do any coding on the client’s end.

BellaDati boasts a user base across the UK, India, USA, Germany and Turkey in a myriad of businesses including insurance, retail, loyalty cards and heavy machinery. The company was named one of the 5 finalists for the Living Labs Global Awards 2012 where it was seen as a product that could help city leaders connect with the Cape Town community of developers.

Pricing for BellaDati is in line with other business analytics products that we’ve seen. The Workgroup level serves up to 5 useres and runs $770 per month, Enterprise steps up to 10 users for $1650 per month and the Hosted option gives unlimited users and reports, plus more, for $3180 per month. Taking into account that the company includes access to analysts who can help to get you the most out of your data, the pricing seems almost like a bargain.

Today at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, BellaDati is rolling out its agile analytics and reporting cloud to the world. We look forward to seeing what the company does in the future, and you can rest assured that we’ll be keeping track here on TNW.


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