Onavo opens its data compression app to iPhone 4S on CDMA and 4G LTE iPads

Onavo opens its data compression app to iPhone 4S on CDMA and 4G LTE iPads

Onavo Extend, the data compression app that helps cut data usage on smartphones and tablets, has announced that it is now available on 4G LTE iPads and iPhone 4S on CDMA networks, meaning that tens of millions of customers in the USA on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T will be able to use the app.

“In just six months, Onavo Extend has become a must-have app for millions of people around the world by alleviating costly data overages and roaming charges,” says Onavo CEO Guy Rosen. “Onavo Extend compresses data by up to 80 percent – meaning people can do five times more web browsing, emailing, photo sharing, Tweeting or updating Facebook without changing anything.

“Today we are excited to make Onavo Extend available to tens of millions more people with the release for 4G LTE iPads on Verizon and AT&T, and iPhone 4S consumers on Verizon and Sprint who are more than ready for a better mobile experience,” he continued.

Onavo is a startup we’ve covered a number of times in the past, since it launched at The Next Web’s conference in 2011. The app works by intercepting your data connection and channeling it through Onavo’s own compression technology. It still uses your mobile network, but because less data is used, your bill is smaller. It began life as iPhone-only in April last year, before porting over to Android a few months later. It also shows you which apps are consuming the most mobile data.


CDMA is short for Code Division Multiple Access and is used almost interchangeably to refer to two distinct mobile standards: CDMAOne or CDMA 2000. America is pretty much unique in that it is home to more CDMA users than GSM, with the two largest US networks representing almost half of the market. Globally, CDMA accounts for roughly 13% of smartphones, with GSM and its successor, UMTS, making up the remainder.

There has been a massive adoption of 4G LTE iPads, which has been accompanied by irritation in some quarters at how quickly the tablets burn through data plans. So the expansion of Onavo Extend to include many more networks will please many.

“Onavo Extend is critical for every 4G LTE iPad owner – we have heard from many people who have burned through their monthly data plans in as little as a day but do not want to reduce usage of their favorite device,” added Rosen. “It also provides a free insurance policy against overages and degraded network performance for iPhone 4S users on CDMA networks like Verizon, where the network has done away with unlimited data plans.

“Our availability on the latest and greatest Apple technology, empowering users to get way more out of their data plan, will change people’s bills – and the amount left in their wallets,” he continued.

Onavo Extend

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