SummerTimeShare launches to organize your weekends to the Hamptons

SummerTimeShare launches to organize your weekends to the Hamptons

Summer weather is in full effect in New York City this week, which has us thinking about the beach, bikinis, lobster rolls — and planning summer getaways!

A simple, stripped down app just launched called SummerTimeShare, which lets you plan your summer by seeing when your friends are on vacay. The site takes the best qualities of Airbnb and GroupMe for housing shares in the Hamptons by letting you organize your summer house, sell weekends, swap times, and group message your housemates.

Signup requires a Facebook login, and then asks which locations you’re interested in between Fire Island, the Hamptons and the New Jersey Shore. This allows users to create listings of available spots visible only to Facebook friends. The app can also be used to send group SMS texts among share participants.

SummerTimeShare features tools to create a schedule for your own share, which are handy for half or full shares split into groups (or houses with complicated guest schedules). Shares can be set to public or private. Once logged in, users can flag a rented week as one they won’t be able to make and offer the time back to the share for another participant to swap with them. The app will also let you know when your friends in other shares will be out on the island or at the shore too.

“The best summers in New York are spent outside of the city.” said Jason Fleetwood-Boldt, the app’s creator. “Organizing those shares is complicated, and the problems — which can be managed with technology — are common. SummerTimeShare charts a new part of the social graph, solving those common scheduling and communication problems for everyone.”

SummerTimeShare is free to use and available for shares in the Hamptons, Fire Island, and the Jersey Shore. Check out the link below for sign-up and details.

➤ SummerTimeShare

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