‘Automagic’ video editing app Magisto now gives special moments prime place in your Facebook Timeline

‘Automagic’ video editing app Magisto now gives special moments prime place in your Facebook ...

We first covered Magisto last year when it had just launched as an easy way to automatically edit your videos, turning them into slick sequences complete with a soundtrack in just a few clicks. A year on, the startup has today launched integration with Facebook’s Timeline, giving you a dedicated place to show off your clips.

A quick recap: Magisto analyses the footage that you upload to it,  finding what it thinks are the ‘best bits’. It cuts them together automatically for you, and then it’s just a case of adding some music to act as a soundtrack and the video is yours to share.

With the new Facebook integration, a dedicated Magisto section is added near the top of your  Timeline, creating, as the Israeli startup describes it, “a scrapbook for your video memories along with the Facebook conversation around them.” This beats the previous situation, whereby Magisto clips shared to Facebook would gradually get pushed down, out of view on a user’s profile page.

Aside from the clear benefit for users, the move is a positive one for Magisto, which should pick up additional users thanks to the extra exposure the app affords. Of course, as the number of Facebook Timeline apps (currently at around 3000) grows, this benefit is likely to diminish for startups, with so much competition vying for a prime piece of users’ Timeline real estate.

Magisto isn’t the only Timeline app dealing in chronicling special moments. We’ve previously covered 1000memories, which makes it easy to share your old photographs in a meaningful way. Run a few of your favourite old home movies through Magisto and the two could make great companions.

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