Krrb is like a hyper-local Etsy with vintage, thrift & handmade goods

Krrb is like a hyper-local Etsy with vintage, thrift & handmade goods

There’s been a transformation happening in the world of online classifieds, where Craigslist, despite it’s continuing popularity, is no longer king.

We covered Peddl earlier this month, and before that ZaarlyViatask and TaskRabbit, all four of which emphasize services. Now, specialized markets are constantly emerging, like Mint Market, which focuses solely on mint-condition goods.

What’s special about this shift is that these marketplaces continue to grow into their own communities, meaning there may not be a need for a monopoly or a duopoly for companies to thrive. Now, there’s a new kid on the block, Krrb, which is wonderfully designed, completely quirky and already thriving in a few major cities.

According to the creators, AREA 17, you can think of Krrb as an online garage sale, block sale, flea market and local classifieds all wrapped into one. It’s for second-handers, crafters, collectors, designers, artisanal food-makers and common folk too.

Most online shops and classifieds feel anonymous, and let’s face it, they are. is made exclusively for local and in-person commerce. Our mission is to create a fun, friendly and safe online venue that enables better and more personal face-to-face dealings between neighbors.

In short, our aim is to help turn local strangers into friendly neighbors.

From a design angle, the site takes on interesting tabbed navigation to save your locations. There isn’t a learning curve, but the search tools are particularly powerful, making it easy to hone in on vintage pieces, jewelry or anything else being sold around your neighborhood. Also, I love the Krrb logo, which packs a classic Leica-esque feel.

Interestingly enough, Krrb also lets anyone repost their goods from Etsy, Craiglist or eBay, giving your items extra exposure while showing off everything being sold in surrounding areas.

Take a peek at the site and let us know what you think! Are hyper-specialized markets the way of the future?

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