ResumUP: Turn your Facebook profile into a beautiful visual resume

ResumUP: Turn your Facebook profile into a beautiful visual resume

The time of infographic supremacy has perhaps fallen, as everyone and their mother seems to have taken to them like a fad.  Because of this, TNW has all but banned infographics from our blog, since most of the time they end up being too heavily branded, self-promotional and poorly designed.

Still, in our hearts, we haven’t forgotten that infographics are one of the most compelling ways to share information. This is why we have exceptions.

In the case of ResumUP, a recruiting company with the slogan “Go Visual – Get Visible”, data visualization still has so much promise. The site has just updated its approach to visualizing your resume based on a full look at your Facebook profile, including…wait for it…a psycho-social analysis.

The set up is quick and painless (so long as you’re okay with sharing your data), and you’ll quickly be presented with a rather beautiful, data-driven resume that’ll show off your skills in an impressive light. The only downside to the site (that I’ve seen so far) is that they push users to invite friends. If you can get over that bump in the road, the results are worth it.

In the event that you like to hide your data from Facebook, you also have the option to edit the information ResumUP has gathered. Once your resume is complete, you can share on Facebook, Twitter, etc, or you can opt to export everything as a PDF or PNG with very little branding added.

Overall, the site has a ton of promise. I’d love to see more features in the future, like embeddable graphics and various layouts, but for the most part, what ResumUP offers now is surprisingly fresh.

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