Popular iPhone photography app Camera+ gets improved sharing, workflows and more

Popular iPhone photography app Camera+ gets improved sharing, workflows and more

Camera+, undoubtedly one of the most popular paid iPhone camera apps has just been updated. With a copy sold every 3 seconds, it’s 6 million+ users will be happy to know that the latest update is jam-packed with cool new features they can take advantage of.

The app’s sharing features have just been kicked up several notches, allowing you to share your photos to multiple services simultaneously. The feature also now supports multiple accounts for each service.

Camera+ also boasts an increased speed when sharing, so you don’t have to wait too long between snapping that photo and sharing it with your friends and followers.

With its independent photo library, you’ll no doubt be glad to know that you don’t have to tediously import photos one by one anymore. You can now import multiple photos from your photo library in one go. Hello efficiency!

That’s not the only feature that makes Camera+ one of the most efficient photography apps in the App Store. Workflows now give Camera+’s users far more flexibility than we’ve seen from other similar apps. With Smugmug’s new camera app, Camera Awesome, which we took a look at here, when you shoot a photo, rather than display the image, it goes right back to the viewfinder, making it easy to take several photos in a row, uninterrupted.

With Camera+’s workflows, you can now choose between two options. After taking a photo, you can either be presented with the viewfinder once again, or with the photo you just took. It’s up to you.

Other standout features include the ability to lock the focus and exposure of the camera – independently of each other. This will give photographers even more flexibility and control over their photos. The iPhone already takes pretty impressive photos to begin with, but with Camera+’s new options, the iPhone camera just got that little bit better.

Best of all, Camera+ is not hoarding all of these awesome features for itself. With the update, it’s opening up its API to the public. If you choose to integrate Camera+ into your services or apps, you’ll be in great company, joining the likes of Tweetbot, Twitterific and Foodspotting.

As far as the interface itself is concerned, Camera+’s lightbox has seen a small revamp. You’ll also notice the VolumeSnap setting is now in the menu and that you can also see your iPhone’s status bar when you’re in lightbox mode.

With the latest update you should also expect improved performance, fluidity, opt-in notifications, a ton of bug fixes, and more. And did we mention that the app is on sale? If you haven’t already, you can snag one of the best iPhone camera apps out there for just $0.99.

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