launches Exposé bookmarklet to help you find news shared by your friends launches Exposé bookmarklet to help you find news shared by your friends

Social discovery tool helps you find relevant and interesting news based on what your friends are sharing on Twitter. We all get slammed with a river of links when checking our Twitter streams, so the tool has been extremely helpful to parse out the best of the best.

Today, the company launched a tool that lets you surf the web and instantly see what you should check out and read on the site you’re on. Instead of waiting to be told that something is relevant when using, the new Exposé bookmarklet will let you click a simple button when visiting your favorite news site and immediately tell you which stories to read based on what your friends have read.

Here’s what had to say about the feature:

Front page editors at major publishers like the New York Times and the New Yorker are masters at laying out content on their homepages, and the recommendations implicit in that layout are incredibly valuable. But more and more, we’re learning that recommendations from our friends can be just as useful.

So one afternoon* we decided to see what these homepages would look like if our friends were in charge…

Here’s how it works: Visit any website, click Exposé in your browser’s bookmarks bar, and we’ll help you find the articles from that website that your friends think you should read. Visit our new Tools page to install it.

Once you drag the bookmmarklet to your browser, you can go about surfing the web as you usually would. Once I visited a site like the NYT Bits blog, I clicked the button and here’s what it showed me:

Instead of having to dig through the site myself, it told me that my friend had already shared one of the site’s stories on Twitter. That way I can jump right to it and don’t need to be using the actual service at the time.

It’s a really handy tool especially when you’re visiting a new site or blog and aren’t sure where to start with it, or whether it’s worth reading at all. Exposé

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