WillCall takes the hassle out of SXSW by letting you RSVP for 50 parties at once

WillCall takes the hassle out of SXSW by letting you RSVP for 50 parties at once

Last minute ticket purchasing app WillCall wants to be your best friend heading into South by Southwest Interactive. Whether this is your first time attending the SXSW conference or your tenth, you know that figuring out which parties to go to is a pain in the ass. Even more of a pain if signing up for them one by one.

Whether you plan on going to the party or not, it’s a good idea to get on all of the lists, since the venues in Austin get rather packed really quick. To that end, WillCall has created a web app that lets you register yourself for fifty SXSW parties in only three simple clicks.

As an added bonus, the company is teasing something that might be able to help you out with the long lines that you’ll find at the geek summer camp conference as well.

All you have to do is log into the app with Facebook and give it permission to access your events on the social network. After you’ve done that, you can click to register for all of the SXSW parties listed on Facebook, Eventbrite, and others that the company has found on different sites.

Three clicks and you’re done! All you have to do now is pack for Austin and deal with all of the email confirmations that you’re about to get for registering to fifty parties.

The company isn’t saying what it’s going to do to help party-goers with the long lines just yet, but once they do we’ll keep you in the loop.

WillCall SXSW Party Registration App

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