Kinetik’s iPhone app recommendation engine is now on the Web too

Kinetik’s iPhone app recommendation engine is now on the Web too

From today, the app discovery service Kinetik is also fully available through its web-based platform, the Argentine startup announced. To start using it on your desktop, all you have to do is sign up via Twitter on Kinetik’s homepage.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to use Kinetik’s full web version to share apps, post comments and discover your friends’ recommendations.

These features are quite similar to its iOS app, of which we are big fans here at The Next Web (see our review).

However, it also answers unattended demand, Kinetik’s CEO Raul Moreno explains:

“Our visits from the web have already tripled, mainly because many people are looking for app information on Google. For instance, we were surprised to find out that over 30 million people search for “Best Apps for Photography” each month.

Our ambition with Kinetik Web is to give them an answer, because none of our competitors has launched a web-based solution. Look at Chomp or Appsfire, and you will see that neither off them is offering its entire product online.”

While the last part of this segment is debatable, it is true that Kinetik’s offer is very solid compared to its highly respectable competitors. As a matter of fact, we recently pointed out Kinetik as one of the best alternatives to Chomp, recently acquired by Apple.

Here’s a sample of Kinetik’s new web interface – you’ll note the ‘join with Twitter’ button at the top:

Besides its full web version, Kinetik also introduced a brand new social app recommendation engine. Besides your own activity, it will also analyze your friends’ shares to recommend you other apps that you may like.

This feature certainly makes sense for a discovery app; according to Moreno, “it is a good time to launch our Social App Recommendation Engine because Kinetik now has enough relevant data.”


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