10 new ways to discover, share and listen to music online

10 new ways to discover, share and listen to music online

“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.”
– Irene Peter

I’m not going to argue with Irene here, music is still music. But, the ways in which we discover, consume and share music online has changed. Big time.

In fact, some of the new online music services, tools and apps I’m about to mention may seem to good to be true. But, thanks to a combination of timing, technology and people-powered media, they are all at our disposal. Now.

Here are 10 new online toys I have been playing with which you may want to check out too…

1. mSpot.com – store your music library in the cloud

The creators of mSpot have cleverly called this a ‘music service that follows you’ and it couldn’t be a more apt description. mSpot collects all of your music, uploads it to an online folder and gives you access to your music from anywhere and on any device.

2. Maestro.fm – store your music library in the cloud (option two)

Almost an identical service to mSpot but it also comes with a desktop shortcut that is quite handy. I have some invites for those who want to test it out – just click here.

3. Top10 Spotify app – Collaborate and create your Top 10 lists

Proceed with caution: The Top 10 app makes Spotify even more addictive than normal! Spotify unveiled app functionality in late 2011 to bring added features to the Spotify platform and this is probably the first one you should add to your player. Awesome.

4. Soundrop Spotify app – Enter or create your own listening room

The wannabe DJ in you will fall in love with Soundrop. It allows you  to create playlists and then invite your friends to listen to your ‘sets’ all within the Spotify interface. Boom.

5. Tinysong.com – Tweet any song in a flash

Have you ever had the urge to share a tune with the world via Twitter? Then bookmark this site and use it to satisfy that urge on demand. Powered by Grooveshark.

6. QCmixtapes.com – ‘Pinterest for mixtapes’

If you like getting your paws on new mixtapes, then you should head over to QCmixtapes.com (presented in an easy-to-scroll Pinterest-style format).

7. MixCloud.com – The home of ‘cloudcasts’

MixCloud is one of the more well-known ‘new’ online music destinations which brings you a true social music experience. Follow friends, vote and recommend music and users, and connect your other social media accounts all from the one place. Nice.

8. SoundCloud.com – Share your music with the world

The focus of SoundCloud, as opposed to MixCloud, is more on creating and publishing but that also makes it a great place to discover music too.

9. RaRa.com – An alternative to Spotify

A slightly cheaper way to enjoy a Spotify-like experience, created by a team based in the UK.

10. Grooveshark.com / Deezer.com – Steaming online music goodness

You’ve probably heard of both of these services but if you haven’t they are worth adding to your mix (pardon the pun).

Are there any others out there you’d add to this list?

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