Control a multi-touch sound visualization with your iPhone and iPad

Control a multi-touch sound visualization with your iPhone and iPad

GRID, created by Futura Epsis 1, is an interactive multi-touch sound visualization for the band Mathon and the ZKM AppArtAward 2011. It was created for live events and consists of a desktop version for realtime graphic visualization of music (via Processing) and an iOS version for interacting desktop app (via openFrameworks).

The app works with open sound control (OSC) to communicate between devices, and is an excellent example of the possibilities that exist for experimental apps and the future of interactive music.

To get everything working, all you have to do is download the desktop and iOS apps and follow these directions:

Get you computer IP (Mac):
1. open (system settings on the mac)
2. open the networks preference pane. You will see your IP; sth. like

Setup (iOS):
1. Open the App
2. open the “GRID remote” tab in the settings bar.
3. enter your computer IP.
4. if you opened the iOS app before make sure to restart it by tapping twice on the homebutton, holding the GRID icon and clicking on the red “-” button. Otherwise skip this point.
5. open the GRID visualization on your computer
6. open GRID remote on your iOS device.

Here’s more from Futura Epsis 1:

The basic appearance is based on a shape that deforms synced to an audio signal. A never ending journey through portal-like visuals, organic and technical scenes take the viewer into a surreal feeling atmosphere. Forming rapidly changing pictures out of those shapes the viewer seems to be part of electrical impulses catching short impressions of the human and his role in the universe…..


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