Usabilla releases test templates to help you perfect your UX

Usabilla releases test templates to help you perfect your UX

Usabilla, a usability startup that helps companies refine their user experience (UX) design, has just introduced a series of testing templates that enable marketers, designers, analysts and anyone else to create a diverse set of design tests in under one minute.

The company works by asking quick questions that reveal how your users are most likely to try and accomplish a specific goal (like contacting you, or signing up). This process of user testing has long been done by UX designers, but Usabilla makes remote testing easier and simplifies the entire process for everyone else. It allows you to design for your user, instead of assuming how they’ll think, and illustrates the way users navigate to different parts of your site like a heat map.

From Usabilla:

The new Usabilla web UX testing templates allow companies to collect visual, quantitative user feedback on their company’s website, mobile website or app in a way that is both easy and fun for test participants. Groups of participants answer questions about attitude and user experience with points and notes on top of a website page from their computer or mobile device. The collected feedback and results of the survey are then analyzed and presented visually with charts and heat maps.

Usabilla’s customers involve their users and the public to create user-inspired design, and can use these visual insights to improve user experience and optimize their websites – all without slowing down development cycles.

Usabilla says its goal is to make it easy for companies, both large or small, to collect design feedback for their webpages. In the end, it’s all about making better websites from the end user’s perspective, and that’s always going to be extremely important.

Usabilla (web app with varying subscription plans)

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