Box for Android now lets you upload files from any app

Box for Android now lets you upload files from any app

The Box team has released a new version of its Android app, which includes new features that focus on editing and adding new files to your Box account.

Box, which dropped the .net and is now a .com, appears to be focusing more on its mobile efforts as of late after raising an $81M round of funding last year. Box currently supports file uploading, viewing, and sharing on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Today’s update for Android allows Box file storage customers to get updates on the files they’re collaborating on all from a home screen widget. In addition, the new version will let you send files to Box from any app on your device that supports opening files, such as email attachments.

The most helpful addition if you’re a Microsoft Office user and own its apps for Android, you will be able to create documents from within the Box app.

Box has become a leader in personal and enterprise cloud file storage, but with Apple’s own iCloud entering the market, the company will have to continually add new features like this for all of its apps. Currently, iCloud provides backup storage for your devices but doesn’t have any collaborative functionality like Box does.

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