Photographers i is a new interactive magazine designed specifically for the tablet

Photographers i is a new interactive magazine designed specifically for the tablet

Photographers i is a new tablet magazine that is available in the iTunes app store and Android Market, and will also be available from the iPad Newsstand and Amazon App Store.

While the app itself is free, the full pilot issue isn’t, but will only cost you $1.99. Despite the low price, we really appreciate the fact that a teaser issue is available to download for free, allowing the user to get a sense of what to expect before paying. And there’s a lot.

The magazine offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at photography, covering every genre possible – outdoor and studio photography, photo-journalism and fine art, editorial and portrait, and more. The articles are written and narrated by professional photographers.

We’ve already seen quite a few beautifully crafted iPad magazines that make the most of what the iPad has to offer – incorporating video, photography and audio into the tablet magazine experience.

The interactive level of the app is pretty impressive. Not only do you get all of the above, you also get an additional interactive tool which enables you to view photographs, with certain information highlighted on them, related to the audio that you’re listening to.

For example, in an article about composition in photography, Michael Freeman walks the reader through 10 images he has taken in quick succession during a trip to China. There are two buttons to the left of the images – one that activates the audio, which you tap first. Once the audio has started, you can tap the second button when prompted to see Freeman’s narrative illustrated on the image. The interactive combination of audio, images, overlays and involving the reader really highlights the educational potential the iPad has as a tool.

The only critique we have for the way that this feature works is that if you push the button, there’s no going back. There is no way to go back one image if you skip forward too fast by mistake and there’s no way to repeat the audio without getting to the end of all 10 images.

Needless to say, the iPad is the perfect vehicle for a photography magazine, and series of photographs are displayed beautifully within the app, with the added plus of being able to listen to photographers speaking about their work. In the case of Photographers i in particular you will have to make a conscious effort to scroll up and down rather than left to right when reading one article.

Photographers i was designed with the tablet in mind. No print or website version of the publication exists, so you know you’re getting a dedicated magazine experience that was meant only for iOS and Android tablets.

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