Track your weekly carbon footprint using Foursquare

Track your weekly carbon footprint using Foursquare

In April, we asked Gavin Starks the Founder and CEO of AMEE if his carbon data engine could save the world from mass extinction. Starks said that in the future, as data in the universe becomes increasingly connected through mobile technology, AMEE’s information will only become more valuable. Starks said everything will get faster, easier and cheaper; but with more data, comes more intelligence, which he hopes will be enough to save us from avoiding mass extinction.

AMEE, which stands for the “Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine” is tracking and connecting all the carbon-data on Earth, creating an aggregation platform capable of coordinating the world’s entire carbon consumption data. To further its mission, AMEE has just released ALF, which stands for AMEE Location Footprinter, an app that tracks your carbon footprint based on your Foursquare check-ins. ALF uses this check-in data to calculate your CO2 transportation footprint and sends you an email with a summary and detail of your week’s movements:

Here’s Martin’s from Manchester, UK:

And here’s mine from Brooklyn, NY…

AMEE will host a Green Hackathon in London this January, so expect even more energy efficient hacks in 2012.


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