New app: Cloth saves and organizes your outfits for easy recall

New app: Cloth saves and organizes your outfits for easy recall

Picking out the perfect outfit can take hours. Whenever I start to get dressed up, I always think, what did I wear this time last year? I’ll even go through old photo albums on Facebook or Flickr to remind myself of the combinations I put together in the past to save myself some time in the present.

One morning, Seth Porges, a Brooklyn based tech writer was watching his girlfriend, Wray Serna, the co-founder of the fashion line Ambit, try on outfit after outfit, snapping photos of herself in the mirror each time. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Taking photos of my outfits so I’ll remember them,” she answered.

Porges thought, “There’s got to be an app for that”. Turns out there wasn’t. So he hired developer Pablo Quinteros and designer Keith Vincent and a few months later, Cloth was born. At its core, Cloth is like combining the technology of Cher’s closet from Clueless with personal life logging. There are a plethora of fashion apps out there, particularly ones that let you snap photos of your outfits and get instant feedback like Fashism and Go Try it On. But Cloth isn’t about public feedback as much as its your personal outfit diary. And it’s a beautifully designed personal diary to boot.

To use it, just snap a photo of your outfit, add some tags/notes to remind yourself, e.g. “Black”, “Christmas Party” “NYC”. And yes, you can share it to your social networks if you want or submit it to Cloth’s website. The app’s Feed features all of your outfits in a grid, in chronological order. To view your outfits by category, head over to Wardrobe.

Cloth even has gamification elements. The app lets you collect points and badges for snapping and photos and sharing them. To check your points, tap “status.”

Once the app gets users on board, we hope this time next year they’ll release a feature much like 4squareand7yearsago’s “Where were you last year?” but instead, “What did you wear last year?” I also would like to see photo editing, perhaps through Aviary’s SDK; check-in options through Foursquare’s API and the ability to push photos from Instagram into Cloth or vice versa.

The iOS app costs $1.99, but there are no ads, no registrations, and it’s not giving away your personal information, which is a nice change.

For more on Cloth, watch this video below:

➤ Download Cloth $1.99

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