The #1 social networking app on Apple’s app store isn’t Facebook, it’s Voxer

The #1 social networking app on Apple’s app store isn’t Facebook, it’s Voxer

Just when you thought Facebook owned every form of social networking, someone comes onto Apple’s app store and blows up. Voxer, a walkie-talkie app is currently the #4 top free app on the app store, and the #1 free social networking app.


What does Voxer let you do? It’s pretty basic, but extremely well designed. Voxer allows you to create short little voice notes that make the experience similar to chatting back and forth on a walkie-talkie. You can chat one on one or in groups.

E.T. Phone Home

When you open up Voxer, you can log in with your Facebook account to bring up a list of all of your friends who are also Voxer users. While we know that group texting and chat apps were all the rage last year, it seems like Voxer is surging regardless with its turn-based voice note approach.

Just so you know, being the #1 social networking app means Voxer is seeing a ridiculous amount of downloads and new users right now. I reached out to them to see if they’d share some numbers, but haven’t heard back at the time of publishing this piece.

Once you log in, simply tap a friend and record a note:

The app also lets you share photos and chat the old-school text way. Voxer’s success proves that people are still not happy with communicating all of the ways that sites like Facebook, AOL’s AIM, and even the group chat apps have allowed us to. An app that takes a completely different approach like Voxer could see success. Of course, the onboarding of the app completely relies on Facebook’s social graph, but it’s proof that communication hasn’t been nailed by any one company.

Entrepreneurs, keep trying to put your spin on communication. You could top Facebook in social networking and communication as well on the app store. Just because Facebook has 800 million users, doesn’t mean that they own the way everyone communicates.


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