Hotels are lame, find a house to rent with Rentmix instead

Hotels are lame, find a house to rent with Rentmix instead

We’re all familiar with services like AirBnB which list homes that are available for short-term rentals. If you’re in town for a weekend or even longer, sometimes it’s cheaper to rent a room in someone’s house or the entire place.

Rentmix pulls together all of the short-term rental opportunities from HomeAway, FlipKey, and AirBnB and drops them all on a Google Map, using the Maps API.

The site is really well done and does a great job of letting you check out a bunch of rentals fast without having to click-through to external sites and pages. I personally don’t like staying in hotels, and would rather shack up in something that feels like home.

What, where, and when

When you visit Rentmix, simply enter the location you’re visiting, when you’d like to rent someone’s home, how many rooms, and the price range.

I can’t overstate how convenient it is that Rentmix searches available locations on three very popular services. I’m not a fan of HomeAway’s site, and really enjoyed the way Rentmix displays available homes.

The app shows the location you’re interested in on Google Maps using its API, and drops pins everywhere there’s an available location fitting your requirements. You can check out specifics on each home simply by clicking the pin. You don’t have to go to the originating external site unless you want to actually inquire about or book the property.

For me, the only things that Rentmix is missing is full integration of Google Maps, namely Street View. If I’m looking for a place to rent, I’d like to see what would be around me in the neighborhood, since it’s unlikely that I’ll get to visit it before my vacation or trip. It’s another API that the service can use, so I can’t imagine that integrating it would be very difficult. The other thing Rentmix is missing is something like foursquare’s API, which would tell me what restaurants and attractions are in the area of the rental. Those two things would help me make my decision much faster, and would make Rentmix more of a complete portal for these types of transactions.

Otherwise, this is a solid presentation of information that will probably save you a bit of time. Visiting each of the sites and navigating through each would take at least a half hour’s time on each site, so Rentmix does a great job bringing it all together.

If you aren’t a fan of hotels like me, jump on Rentmix and see all of the cool places you can rent short-term.


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