pulls together local Instagram photos, foursquare tips, and tweets pulls together local Instagram photos, foursquare tips, and tweets

Even though Instagram, foursquare, and Twitter let you find all of the activity going on around you no matter where you are, one app brings local content from all three services together. is a fairly basic app, in that it grabs your current location through your desktop or mobile browser, and then pulls in all local Instagram photos, foursquare tips, and tweets. If you move around a lot during the day, it’s actually pretty neat to see everything local on one page. For example, if you work from different coffee shops and offices or travel a lot, this would be a perfect app to keep open throughout your day.

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I’m a big fan of single-serve apps that don’t require me to log into the actual services that it pulls data from.

Sit down, open your laptop, refresh the page

Once you allow the app to gain access to your location, all you have to do is refresh the page or tap the icon in the top right if you move along to somewhere new.

Since’s design is so simple, it’s perfect for use in mobile browsers as well. You won’t have to fire up any of the three apps to see what’s going on around you, and that’s a pretty sweet time-saver. The foursquare tips alone break out a great part of the service that doesn’t require you to check-in or sign up.

It’s a web app, so no installation or download is required, just call up on any device.

Even if you’re not an avid user of Instagram, foursquare, or Twitter, this is a quick way to see what’s going on around you, no matter what device you have with you at the time.

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