is a quick and easy alternative to surfing IMDB is a quick and easy alternative to surfing IMDB

If you’re a movie buff, you’re aware that hours upon hours can be lost simply by searching IMDB and clicking all of the links. The site is like Wikipedia in that it’s one big rabbit hole.

If you don’t have hours to spend on IMDB, perhaps you’ll move over to Rotten Tomatoes. But even that site can take up an evening.

Enter, a simple site that aggregates movie ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic.

Inception style

Instead of checking one source for movie ratings, pulls them all together, and displays an aggregate rating. Not only is this a timesaver, but it can also help you find out if a movie is worth watching or not. I’ve found that ratings on IMDB seem to be higher and relaxed, while reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes are pretty hardcore. pulls in data from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, You Tube, and Trailer Addict, so you’re pretty much covered for accuracy and detail when it comes to information about the movies you’re searching for. The site has real-time auto-suggest much like Google search, in case you can’t remember the exact name of the movie you’re thinking of.

Once you’ve found your movie, you can share the page to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which have become the big three social networking sites to share things on.

Of course, IMDB still beats out all other movie sites for depth of information, but sometimes you just want to do a quick search without being tripped up by the Inception approach of deeplinking that the site takes. is one of the best quick-search movie sites I’ve seen, so it’s definitely worth a bookmark.

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