Wishbox brings the Google+ style of user feedback to your Website

Wishbox brings the Google+ style of user feedback to your Website

When Google+ first rolled out, one of the startlingly-great parts about it was the feedback system. If you’ve never used it, you should. Really, it is just that good. Not only is it unobtrusive and real-time, but it also lets you attach annotated screenshots of what you were doing so that the G+ team can get a better understanding of what you mean by your feedback.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all have a system like that?

Thanks to the team from JotForm, you can. It’s called Wishbox and you can get it right now.

Wishbox is made up of a simple feedback button that lives on the side of your website. But when a user presses it, they’re given a wealth of options. The screenshot is automatic, but then your user can choose to annotate it with shapes, arrows, different colors and even cropping to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed.

Then, once the annotation is complete (I added the oval, rectangle and arrow, above) your user can click the green checkmark to be taken to the next page – a customizable form of your choosing, powered by JotForm. After the form is submitted, you’ll get an email and you can even reply directly to it, leaving Wishbox to make sure it hits the right recipient.

In an email, CEO Aytekin Tank tells me that Wishbox has seen its biggest interest from Web developers:

“Web designers wanted to use Wishbox to get feedback on mock-ups and design drafts. Since their clients can easily take screenshots and draw things on them, everyone saves time.”

Wishbox is not without competition, however. As Tank willingly points out, BugMuncher has a very similar service. The difference, however, lies in implementation. With BugMuncher, you can only highlight or black out a section of the screen. Wishbox’s ability to crop and annotate, as well as the customized forms, sets it apart in this regard.

Understanding that freemium is the new black, Wishbox works on the pricing model of its JotForm parent. That is to say that up to 100 submissions per month are free. Beyond that, Premium and Professional plans are priced at $10 and $50 per month, respectively.

When you’re running a website, there’s nothing more powerful than feedback. Oh sure, email works, as do comments systems. But this is one of those scenarios where more is better and Wishbox is a name that you need to know.

Wishbox, from JotForm

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