Location-sharing iPhone app Clingle comes to the UK and USA, adds video check-ins

Location-sharing iPhone app Clingle comes to the UK and USA, adds video check-ins

We brought you word of Clingle’s soft launch in India, Singapore and New York City last month and the location-based social networking app is now available throughout the Unites States and the UK. It’ll now also let you leave “video clings” for your friends at any location.

Clingle combines several location-based apps into one: it has the check-in and scoring aspects of Foursquare and Gowalla and marries them with the ability to leave surprise items for your friends to unlock and interact with locations without actually being there. It also bundles in a huge database of places that has significantly grown in the one month the app has been available.

With the USA and UK launch of Clingle, it also adds several new features to the mix. You can check in to places with videos, as mentioned before, in addition to photos and audio recordings. You can also attach audio and video clips from iTunes to your clings. It will even offer you location-based deals in New York and some of the major cities in India.

MyCityWay, the developer behind Clingle, is also launching the Clingle Store soon, which will allow you to exchange your check-in points and achievement badges for real-world items. The app remains available for the iPhone for free and is also available for Android now, and support for BlackBerry and Nokia’s Ovi platform is coming soon. Take a look at the demo video below to see the service in action:


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