Never know what wine to buy? WineDemon has you covered.

Never know what wine to buy? WineDemon has you covered.

I’m no wine enthusiast but even I was rather intrigued by a new iPhone app I was recently introduced to called WineDemon. Tagged a “trip advisor for wine”, the app lets you rate wines as you drink them but also discover what wine to select based on previous reviewers ratings. You might even argue it’s more suitable for the wine novice.

Currently UK only but with plans to expand, co-founder Greg Banbury tells us the goal is “to build the world’s largest, most useful and trusted wine community centered around your real friends.”

The company is funded to tune of £500k by UK-based entrepreneur and Naked Wines founder, Rowan Gormley. Gormley, who at one point headed up Richard Branson’s Virgin Money and Virgin Wines, explains his motives:

“It may seem bizarre for me to fund something to help our customers buy wine from our competitors, but someone’s going to do it – so it might as well be me.”

While the design still has some room for improvement, what’s rather impressive about the app is it’s thorough, really thorough. Thanks to partnerships with major wine distributors, WineDemon let’s you quickly filter by restaurant/bar AND discover the wines available on the menu in order of popularity.  Once you’ve tried your wine, rating takes but a second thanks to simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This makes both finding and rating wines a breeze.

If you’re after a simple way to find our what wine you should be purchasing, whether it be at a restaurant or supermarket (the app even let’s you discover what the best wines on offer are), give WineDemon a try now, it’s free.

WineDemon (app store link)

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