Arrivals will let you know where your foursquare friends are in real-time

Arrivals will let you know where your foursquare friends are in real-time

If you’re an avid foursquare user, you know that it’s interesting to see all of the places where your friends check-in. We can’t be expected to check our notifications and app all of the time though, so we need a good real-time visualization for foursquare stalking.

That real-time visualization is called Arrivals, and it is reminiscent of an arrivals board at an airport or train station.

Keeping tabs on your friends

Since everyone seems to have second monitors at their desktops these days, some of us put up a silly tool that displays information randomly and updates in real-time.

Arrivals is a fun way to watch all of your friends check-in to places on foursquare, without having to use the app or visit the foursquare site.

The app uses foursquare’s API to show only the check-in’s of your friends, and it’s quite a mesmerizing experience to watch the board update.

I’m a big fan of using data to display information in new and entertaining ways, and Arrivals lets me know where my friends are with no hassle at all. It’s great for that second screen or quick glance when you have free moments in the day. If someone walks by your screen and asks what it is, just say that it’s your friends arriving at places all over the world. Then step away as they wait for the board to change with a real-time update, as if its magic.


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