VoteSpot sets up an instant polling station at any location

VoteSpot sets up an instant polling station at any location

If you’ve ever wanted to ask people what they thought about a location they’ve visited on foursquare, then VoteSpot is the app for you.

Apps like foursquare and Facebook let you leave a tip or comment about a venue, but they don’t let you ask what others think about them. VoteSpot is a simple and beautifully designed app for iOS that does just that.

The app takes a really unique spin on location by letting you set up a polling station instantly, anywhere you like.

Please answer yes or no

The simplicity of VoteSpot makes it the perfect foursquare companion, I just wish that it had actual foursquare integration. I’d love to check-in when I set up a poll at a location.

The app will ask for your location, and show you a list of available spots to ask a question.

Unfortunately you can’t offer multiple answers to a question, it’s simply yes or no. However, the yes or no answers might make the app sticky and addictive to use.

If you don’t want to set up your own questions you can check a map which will show dots that have polls for you to take. It’s kind of fun to glance at all of them, and find a place that actually know something about.

You can connect your account to Facebook and Twitter so that when you answer a poll or submit one, they get shared with your friends. The votes you collect and give are shown on your profile within the app as well.

In the age of apps that are asking you to rate everything around you, like Oink does, it’s a nice change to see simple yes or no polls that can help you dig into the experience of a restaurant or bar. Tips on foursquare aren’t structured, and users can’t comment on tips, so VoteSpot is a perfect app to really find out what people think.

VoteSpot definitely has a shot at sticking around for a long time with some other app integrations.


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