AVOS has acquired Trunk.ly to beef up its resurrection of Delicious

AVOS has acquired Trunk.ly to beef up its resurrection of Delicious

AVOS, the company behind the relaunch of the link-library site Delicious, has announced that it has acquired Trunk.ly in order to beef up the renewed service. We wrote about Trunk.ly earlier this year, when we saw it as a great contender for anyone looking to replace Delicious.

Trunk.ly saves links more aggressively than Delicious, with an automated aggregation that can collect every link that you share on Twitter or Like on Facebook and LinkedIn, collating them in one place.

Chad Hurley, CEO of AVOS, says that once they began discussing the possibility of acquisition with Trunk.ly, it became clear that their “visions for the future of bookmarking and discovery were closely aligned,” adding, “Their technology and insights will accelerate link-saving and searching capabilities in Delicious.”

Trunk.ly has ceased accepting new sign-ups and will continue to operate for another two months to give users time to migrate their links. Trunk.ly has effectively ceased developing its own product, moving its efforts over to Delicious development.

While this is bad news for anyone heavily invested in Trunk.ly’s service, it is great news for Delicious. Hopefully enough of the DNA of Trunk.ly will be integrated into the new site for current users to be comfortable moving over.

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