The Amazing Game of REcollection iPhone app: Great for brands and your brain

The Amazing Game of REcollection iPhone app: Great for brands and your brain

Do you remember the amazing game of Memory? You know, flip a card over to find a photo of a duck, flip another card to find a photo of a dog until you finally find a pair? The aim of the game is to remember each card you flip over and find all the pairs.

In a similar fashion, Dave Brown, the design blogger at Holiday Matinee created “The Amazing Game of REcollection,” that turns the art of discovery into a fun game that rewards you for playing. For online shoppers in need of a brain exercise, the app is great. Not only does playing the app double as online shopping, but for each board completed, you are given 15% discount codes to various online shopping sites like ToddlandPhotojojoWeJetSetFeelgoodz, and Holstee.

When you do find a pair it takes you to the Match page where you can learn more about the product, save it to your collection or go back to the game. You can then share the products on social networks from your collections page. “Design wise, the UI is fresh, and the atypical navigation is welcome,” writes one iTunes commentator. I couldn’t have worded it better myself. I just wish the app gave you scores for how well you performed. In this game, everybody wins.

Check out the app here:

We first interviewed the app’s creator Dave Brown when he was the social media manager at Etsy. Since then, he has left to be the Director of Digital Strategy at MKG, currently working with brands such as Evian water, Delta Air Lines and WIRED. This is his first iPhone app. Download it here, The Amazing Game of REcollection for $.99.

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