Search Instagram helps you filter the world of Instagram

Search Instagram helps you filter the world of Instagram

Until Instagram, (everyone’s favorite filter-fun, photo sharing iPhone app) gets a move on and delivers a much desired web-based interface, we have to rely on various 3rd party apps that tap its now open API. “Hopping between iOS and the cloud”, Search Instagram bill itself as “the best place to search for Instagram images online”.

The handy, easy-to-use website frees Instagram photos from its mobile only base and lets you search for images by their #tags. Searching for “London” results in a seemingly endless scroll of Instagram images tagged with the city’s name. To stop the scroll, simply click “Stop Stream”. You can also play on the site using its “Suggested Search” feature. The site was created by the UK based web guru Syd Lawrence (@sydlawrence) and London based Digital Strategist, Tom Gibby (@adverplanner).

Searching for #Bunny is even better:

To celebrate #Movember (a moustache growing charity event), Search Instagram’s creators have auto added “Mo’s” to any face using facial recognition on #instagram for #Movember. Click here to donate.

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