Slice tracks all of your online purchases in one place

Slice tracks all of your online purchases in one place

Online ordering is a wonderful thing. Amazon has nearly perfected the ability to let you order something one day, and magically receive it almost the next day.

Keeping track of all of your online purchases through email receipts is a hassle though. Slice is a site that wants to give you a history of all of the items you’ve purchased, as well as the ability track them in real-time.

Your order history

While Amazon does a great job of this themselves, when you’ve ordered from other sites you’re not so lucky. Slice brings everything together simply by connecting your email account to the service. It currently only works with Yahoo! and Gmail only. Sorry, Hotmail users. However, you can forward your orders to [email protected] to be included from any account.

Once you’ve connected your account, Slice will go through your emails and pull out the known ones that were receipts from orders. It pulls out the tracking numbers as well, so you can track your packages from within the Slice site.

I found that Slice missed some of my orders, perhaps it was because they were from sites unknown to the service. You can forward missed receipts to [email protected] and they’ll be placed in your account. That’s pretty handy. You could do all of this with filters and searches in your Gmail account, but it would take forever to set up.

Tracking pre-orders

This is where Slice holds the most value for me. When you pre-order things, it’s easy to forget about them. If you’ve ordered a book, a new device, or a video game, you simply can’t keep everything at the top of your mind. Slice shines here and shows you exactly how many days until your pre-order will be delivered.

While it might take some time for you to tune Slice to track all of your purchases, if you’re an avid online shopper, it might be worth it.

Slice also offers a pricing alert feature that will tell you if a recent purchase is priced cheaper somewhere else. Again, this is all done automatically so it’s quite handy.

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