Sleepy driver? Drivia for iPhone keeps you awake with voice-controlled quizzes

Sleepy driver? Drivia for iPhone keeps you awake with voice-controlled quizzes

Trivia apps for the iPhone are hardly a scarce resource, but Drivia is a new app that takes that simple quiz format and puts a different spin on it.

The idea is to keep drowsy drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel using a voice controlled app that doesn’t require them to look away from the road to use. Once the app’s fired up, it will ask you multiple choice questions and you simply shout out “One!”, “Two!” or “Three!” when prompted.

If you’re unresponsive for a period of time, the app gets persistently pesters you with questions and beeps with the aim of keeping you awake. The selection of questions that come with the app are a good introduction, but if you enjoy it you’ll find yourself purchasing additional question packs as in-app purchases pretty quickly.

It’s a simple twist on a staid format, but an interesting one nevertheless. Drivia is the product of three experienced Israeli entrepreneurs, and Eldad Ben Tora, who is described as the project’s Product Owner and Investor tells us the team has spent six months developing the idea of voice-controlled games for drivers.

“Our vision is to upgrade the life of the driver, saving him from hours of boring driving and maybe saving his life too,” he says. “We have some future features on our mind, like other voice based games and maybe even connecting ‘sleepy drivers’ to play and talk while driving- all for the sake of staying awake and alert.”

So, a simple trivia game to start, but some even more interesting ideas for the future.

Drivia is free in the App Store, with in-app purchases to add additional question packs at 69p (or local equivalent) per pack.


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