Evernote’s new Ambassador Program aims to reach customers beyond the geeks

Evernote’s new Ambassador Program aims to reach customers beyond the geeks

I will be the first to admit that I’m a complete fanboy for Evernote. The app, which lets you write notes that sync across its platform to just about anywhere, is a daily use item for me. How people feel when they leave the house without their mobile phone? That’s me when I can’t look at Evernote.

When TNW’s Courtney Boyd Myers wrote about the future of Evernote a few weeks ago I was intrigued. The idea from the company is to become more than just a note-taking application, evolving into something that becomes a digital journal of your life. According to CEO Phil Libin, Evernote is a 100-year company that doesn’t “have an exit strategy and we’re not going to sell.”

So how do you branch out from the technology geeks and make yourself more accessible to the masses? Evernote is onto something that just might work with its new Ambassador Program. In short, it’s a program that is focused on showcasing the huge range of people who use Evernote, making them available to like-minded persons who could find uses for the app that they might not have considered previously.

The ambassadors thus far cover a wide variety of areas. Evernote offered to put me in contact with people who use Evernote for travel planning, teaching, design and even knitting, so to say that the bases should be covered is probably an understatement.

The Ambassador Program is based around Lifestyle Forums, where Ambassadors of each respective section will lead discussions among like-minded persons that surround a topic. So not only do you have direct access to those who have expertise with integrating Evernote into their workflows, but you can also discuss ideas and methods with other users who are interested in the same.

If you’ve not yet tried Evernote, you’re missing out. With apps across Android, iOS and Windows phone, as well as desktop and web-based interfaces, there’s almost always a method by which you can keep yourself organized and up to date. Have some unique uses for Evernote? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Want to take your Evernote experience further? We have a list of 10 add-ons to make Evernote even more useful.

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