View your Google search results Flipboard style, thanks to heystaks

View your Google search results Flipboard style, thanks to heystaks

Companies are taking a fresh look at older technologies and putting a prettier user experience on top of it. Flipboard is a perfect example of this, letting you read what your Facebook and Twitter friends post in a magazine style page-flipping experience.

heystaks wants to do just that for your Google and Bing search results. Available for both iOS and Android devices, heystaks does a beautiful job at giving you an experience that makes you want to check out more search results than you might on a regular Google search results page. You can sign up with your Facebook account, and your searches and tapped results are saved with your heystaks account.

Flip through search results

heystaks gives you a regular search box, but shows results split between Google and Bing. You can flip through the results and tap on the one you’d like to read, while keeping the other results at the bottom of the app. It’s a wonderful design, and solves the problem of clicking away from a Google result and never coming back.

You can add tags to any given search result, allowing the community to find the content easily as well.

Creating “staks” and sharing

You can create “staks”, which are shared search topics. These can be made public or private, and watching the public stak stream is pretty interesting. A public stream can be shared or seen of all of the results you’ve clicked on. The only downside of heystaks is that the sharing option for singular results is via email. Sharing a result via Twitter or Facebook would make me use this app more, but this is something the company can add without much effort.

Getting the most out of search results is something that Google is attempting by integrating the +1 information it’s collecting, to show you results that may interest you more. There are Google Labs items that let you see previews of results, but heystaks gives you a really nice mobile interface, while giving you results from both Google and Bing. It’s free and worth a look.

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