To-do app Remember The Milk gets big Android update, launches free option

To-do app Remember The Milk gets big Android update, launches free option

One of the biggest names in the to-do app sector, Remember The Milk, has today rolled out a significant update to its Android app and is now offering a free option for the first time.

The new app introduces a new, cleaner interface with a top bar that provides access to essential functions and a dashboard that gives you quick access to your tasks, tags and locations. Other improvements include a ‘This week’ view, the ability to edit multiple tasks at once and to share tasks using the standard Android ‘Share menu.

The real treats are for paid-up pro account users though. They get unlimited syncing, reminders in the notification bar and app dashboard,a new homescreen widget for viewing and managing tasks, and a another that allows tasks to be quickly added by text or voice, and lets you search through your tasks quickly. A third, ‘Badge’ widget provides quick access to a particular list, tag or location, with number count to display its number of incomplete tasks.

While the app has been free on iOS for some time, this is the first time Android users have been able to get it without laying down some cash first. The catch is that you can only sync manually with Remember The Milk’s servers once every 24 hours.

The to-do list app market is a tough one to compete in. It’s one of the easiest types of apps for a budding new developer to build so there’s no end of choice for prospective users. To-list services being integrated at system level (see Apple’s iOS 5 for example) create an additional challenge for developers. Still, if you’re serious about managing your upcoming tasks, Remember The Milk is well worth a try.

You can find Remember The Milk in the Android Market here.

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