What apps are good enough to get TechStars funding? Try them here

What apps are good enough to get TechStars funding? Try them here

TechStars, the startup accelerator that’s “tougher to get into than Harvard” keeps branching out with new ways to get access to its startups and products. A few days ago I saw a tweet go through my stream about a new store that would let you purchase TechStars schwag, but today’s announcement was about something a bit more technical – The TechStars App Showcase.

According to TechStars CEO David Cohen, the app store is “brand spanking” new. With more than 50 different companies going through TechStars each year, and many of them producing apps for iOS or Android, TechStars seems to be keen to show off the wares of its proteges in an “App Showcase”.

Powered by the white-label Appstores platform the new App Showcase gives you an at-a-glance overview of the apps that have come from TechStars startups, and lets you read reviews, rate the apps yourself and of course purchase or download them if you so choose. You’ll see some names you’re likely to recognize, such as 360 Panorama from Occipital, and Piictu (which we’ve reviewed and loved), but there are some surprises in store too, like open-source champion Vanilla.

It’s an interesting move, for TechStars, and it’s great publicity for the startups that have come out of the program. Now, pardon me, I have some downloading to do.

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