AskMeEvery is a personal polling app for anything you want to track

AskMeEvery is a personal polling app for anything you want to track

During the course of a day you’re probably asked a few hundred questions by people such as “How are you?” “What are you doing?”, or “Was today a slow news day?”. Ok, maybe not the last one. That’s where AskMeEvery steps in.

AskMeEvery is a personal polling site that will text you a question every day at a certain time, and you can respond via a regular text message. It will track your answers over time and give you a lovely graph.

All you have to do is enter your cell phone number, and you’ll receive a text with your password. Add as many questions as you like, and the time you’d like to be asked, and AskMeEvery does the rest.

Personal data is interesting, in that we enter so much information into databases without knowing all of the time. For example, every time we like something on Facebook, that is stored and tells Facebook something about us.

AskMeEvery puts the information we want to know about ourselves back into our hands. This app could be really useful as a reminder tool as well. For example, you could ask yourself everyday if you’ve walked the 3 miles you promised yourself you would. With a yes or a no, you can graph over time how often you stuck to your self made promise. That’s pretty neat.

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