Copygram is a beautiful app to download and share all of your Instagram photos

Copygram is a beautiful app to download and share all of your Instagram photos

Instagram, the photo taking and sharing app that has taken the iOS device having world by storm (and soon for Android we’re told) opened up its API some time ago, and we wrote about many new apps taking advantage of that.

One of them is Copygram, a very lightweight web app that lets you do two things very well.

After you log-in with your Instagram credentials, you are given the option to “develop” your photos, which lets you download a zip file of all of your Instagram photos to your computer, just enter in the email address you’d like to have them sent to. This is a missing feature of Instagram and definitely shows the power of having an open API for developers to build things on top of.

If this was the only feature of Copygram, it would still be a worthy app to use and talk about, but it also does one more thing beautifully. It gives you a gallery that has your username in it to share with people. This is also something Instagram doesn’t have. Instagram shares your photos via a URL, but that’s it, no gallery.

The gallery that Copygram creates is gorgeous and makes it simple to go through the history of your Instagram photos and anyone elses who has signed up. The user search, grid or list view options, and sharing capabilities are pretty elegant and robust for “just another Instagram app” and is most certainly worth a look if you’re an avid Instagram user, or are just starting out.

Most of Instagram’s sharing, commenting, and activity is inside of its iOS app, and it will be interesting to see if the company takes that social experience online. A lot of the early engaged users of Flickr have moved over to services like Instagram to express themselves and interact, so if Instagram isn’t building a presence online, perhaps Copygram is an acquisition target. Regardless, it’s nice to have a desktop experience to go along with the native app one.

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