Capture the Flag lets your tribe lay claim to real world locations by sharing photos

Capture the Flag lets your tribe lay claim to real world locations by sharing photos

Capture the Flag is a Web-based game, launched recently by New Zealand-based app developer snapr, that lets you conquer real world locations based on the popularity of the pictures you upload. And you get rewarded with deals by vendors participating in the game.

You play by joining one of the national or lifestyle-based tribes, like Hambo, the Kiwis, La Garra, the Wallabies or the ’wawas, and then checking in photos of the locations you visit. The game has free iPhone and Android apps to let you do your checking in of photos and keep up with the latest goings-on in the world of Capture the Flag.

It gets its locations database from Foursquare and you can share in-game activity and photographs with our friends on Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr and Twitter. You get bonus points if others like or comment on those photographs too, so that’s an added incentive for you to make sure your photos are of good quality.

It’s very New Zealand-focused at the moment and you’ll find a lot of tribes’ names coincide with teams in the Rugby World Cup going on there, but it can be played from anywhere in the world just as well as from the land of the kiwis. New Zealanders even get to take advantage of deals from participating companies like BurgerFuel, Moa Beer and 42 Below, and we expect to see other companies elsewhere hop onto the bandwagon soon.

Capture the Flag a game that lets you team up with your friends and strangers to form tribes, find cool places and share photos in order to stake out your territories. And you get some cool deals too while you are at it. Sound interesting? Well then, off you go now!

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