Onepager: The world’s easiest way to create a beautiful website

Onepager: The world’s easiest way to create a beautiful website

You might be tech savvy, sitting at the coffee shop with your MacBook air, iPhone 4 in pocket and Kindle in your leather satchel. But can you throw up a beautiful, simple one-page website in 5 minutes? Only now, can you be that awesome.

Onepager is what we’ve all been waiting for. The New York City based startup provides a DIY website platform aimed at small businesses who want to create customer-facing websites. We first introduced you to Onepager’s founders Matt Shampine, Matt Moore, Eric Tarn, and Yin Yin Chan, when we interviewed Moore and Shampine for a recent article on smart web design. They previously worked for Simande, a full service web design and development studio in New York City. So, these are not just web geeks, these are gentlemen who define the meaning of excellent design.

The Onepager platform, which officially launched today, allows anyone to create and maintain visually appealing one-page websites. Business owners can list their services, hours, and location, and add features such as Google Maps integration, social media accounts and a photo gallery. In the future, Onepager will offer additional tools for small business owners, including an analytics dashboard, email newsletter tool and an improved on-boarding process leveraging existing online small business content. After a 14-day free trial, it costs just $10 a month to host and manage your site on Onepager’s platform.

Here’s an example of New York City’s Landmark Diner’s new website, courtesy of Onepager.

“It’s staggering how many businesses still have no significant online presence,” said Onepager co-founder Matthew Shampine. “Our goal is to allow businesses to quickly get online and generate new business from their online presence. We’re building a platform that will give small businesses a great set of powerful tools that are easy enough that a person with limited technical knowledge can understand and use.”

I first played around with Onepager on Saturday night before dinner with my parents. I had plans for later that night to build the website after dinner and wanted to see how easy it was to use so I could appropriately imbibe. After uploading a logo and tagline, I realized that I could safely drink about a bottle and a half of white wine. I even pulled out my laptop after desert to show my parents just how easy it was. The baby boomers were ecstatic because they too can now build their own website.

Enjoy this promo video or try the tool yourself here.

Onepager Demo Final from Simande LLC on Vimeo.

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