Need a viral-ready WordPress theme for your launch? Try this.

Need a viral-ready WordPress theme for your launch? Try this.

There’s an often-discussed methodology when it comes to launching a product. While some people argue for the idea of being stealth-mode until launch day, there’s a lot to be said for building buzz and growing your brand even before you launch.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve started to see products such as LaunchRock gather momentum. These “viral-ready” platforms are tailor-made for getting the most buzz generated in the shortest amount of time and they’re making a business out of doing so.

But what if you wanted to do it yourself? Oh sure, you could probably hack together some code in order to build what you’d need. You’re smart enough to do that. But shouldn’t you really be focusing on building your business? Now, you can, with Launch Effect.

Launch Effect is a WordPress theme, available for free, that creates a landing page for your product…no matter what that product is. Along with that landing page you get a signup box where people can leave their email to be notified of your progress, you get stats for who has viewed and signed up and you even get a platform where you can reward your most active referrers.

Launch Effect’s Peter Kang stresses the fact that the product can be used for just about anything:

When it came to creating some sample “launch” pages, we realized that our theme could be used by all kinds of businesses, not just web apps and group buying sites. Restaurants, spas, boutiques, and events such as galas, dance parties, and movie screenings can all benefit from an easy-to-create viral campaign.

Given that it’s a WordPress theme, it should be incredibly simple to use. Looking through the code, it appears (to my somewhat-trained eye) to be well written and doesn’t seem to add much overhead for the tracking, analytics and rewards system.

All said, Launch Effect is a great option for any business to start gaining top-of-mind awareness and traction. Just download, install, customize and launch.

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