Evernote buys image editor Skitch, Android app ready, iOS and Windows on the way

Evernote buys image editor Skitch, Android app ready, iOS and Windows on the way

Evernote announced Thursday that it has purchased image editing and annotation tool Skitch. Evernote, an online note-taking service with apps for every major platform, has long had Skitch as a partner, but will now make it a part of the Evernote suite of products.

Skitch will stay a standalone product and the full version of the app will now be made free on the Mac App Store, with no restrictions. You can now also sign into Skitch with your Evernote credentials. The version of Skitch that is available for free will have zero restrictions and no ads.

Evernote says that they were drawn to Skitch as they debated on adding screenshot functionality to Evernote:

We were drawn to Skitch (har har) for one simple reason: we love and use their product with Evernote. For years, one of our most requested feature areas has been related to improved handling of images and annotation capabilities. Our users take and share millions of photos and screenshots already, but the experience isn’t as good as it could be. We debated about whether to add the improved functionality into Evernote or build a separate app to handle it. Finally, we decided to do both. Thanks to Skitch, we will.

Evernote says that there will be tighter integration between Skitch and Evernote coming in future versions. It also said that Skitch has an app for Android ready to go and that iOS and Windows versions of Skitch would be made available soon. This would make it available on nearly all of the same platforms as Evernote.

We’re big fans of Skitch here at The Next Web and are happy to see it getting integrated with Evernote, another product that we love. For more information about Skitch, check out our interview with the team here and the way that we use Skitch and the iPhone together to edit images.

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