Wix now makes it easy to build a good looking mobile website in minutes

Wix now makes it easy to build a good looking mobile website in minutes

Not everyone is a skilled web designer and if you want to build an attractive site quickly and with little effort, services like Wix.com can be invaluable. Wix, which already has easy to use website and Facebook Page building tools, has now launched a solution for creating mobile websites.

The template-based approach allows users to edit elements like the background, colours, text and icons to suit their needs with zero coding, creating a mobile-optimised website designed to suit iOS and Android devices. Editing is done via a Web-based interface, so designs can be tweaked at any time.

Launched officially this week, Wix says that 3000 mobile sites were created daily during the service’s closed beta. The Israel-founded and New York-based company boasts 12 million users worldwide across all its products.

While websites sourced from templates aren’t for everyone, far too many websites out there still offer sub-optimal mobile experiences so anything that encourages individuals and small businesses to improve the way their websites behave on phones is a good thing. You can read more at Wix’s website.

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