Viber for Android: Free calls and messaging to Android AND iOS users

Viber for Android: Free calls and messaging to Android AND iOS users

Viber, a mobile app offering free phone calls and text messaging to other Viber users over 3G and Wi-Fi, today has launched the free, Android version, of their app,  bringing Viber to millions more users.

Viber now has over 20 million registered users and 12 million active users who use the service for over 11 million minutes every day, with an average of 6 minutes per call.

The Android version of Viber features the same dead-simple setup process and high- quality calls that iPhone users have enjoyed for some time iPhone.

Viber for Android includes several features not present in the iOS version including:

  • Full call screen whenever a Viber call is received
  • Pop up text message notification, which lets users respond to text messages without having to open Viber
  • Tighter integration with the phone, which allows users to see their regular call logs and messages within Viber
  • A default dialer setting that enables users to use the Viber dialer for all their phone calls, not just for Viber calls.

Talmon Marco, Viber CEO,

“This is an incredibly exciting day for us.  We have been looking forward to launching our Android app, especially after having received a staggering number of requests from Android users asking us to bring Viber to the Android market. Our latest user numbers are the best indicator of how much our users love to talk and send messages for free with Viber.”

Truly splendid is the unification of Android and iPhone owners with the release of Viber for Android.  With Viber offering free calls and texts to both Android and iPhone owners, one can now enjoy using Viber with even more friends, family and contacts.

Grab Viber for Android here to begin saving on your calls and messaging!

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