Curation tool adds topic discovery and Tumblr-style following

Curation tool adds topic discovery and Tumblr-style following

We first covered back at the very end of 2010. The site lets you create topic-based pages, pulling in content from around the Web and featuring submissions from other users if you choose. Since then the social curation service has opened up support to a wider variety of content and now its rolling out new discovery features.

The idea is that there are lots of interesting pages that get missed. The new features provide you with new options for uncovering new ‘scoops’ and keeping up to date with the pages you like.

A new ‘Explore’ button offers site-wide search to uncover pages you might be interested in. You can then ‘Follow’ any you want to keep up to date with. New content will then be added to your community page where you can keep up with it all in one place.

If this all sounds a little Tumblr-esque, it shouldn’t be surprising. When it launched, we described as “Tumblr without the blogging” and since then it has continued to carve out a niche for itself as a more curation-focused take on the ‘reblogging’ model. Today’s update is a step towards the France and US-based startup’s goal to be “Not only the place where you find qualitative insights, personal views and passionate expertise, but the ideal context for you to interact with topic curators.”’s new features are rolling out to all users today.

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