Colorful Twitter client Twimbow opens to all with a bunch of new features

Colorful Twitter client Twimbow opens to all with a bunch of new features

Since its launch last year, web-based Twitter client Twimbow has been in private beta and required an invite to try out . Today Twimbow has launched to the public, and anyone can sign up for a free account.

To sign up, you can either create a new account or log in using your Google or Yahoo credentials, after which you can authorize your Twitter account.

Twimbow is the ideal Web app for someone who’s looking for a way to keep their stream organized. You assign colour labels to each user, and you can easily toggle between various labels. This gives users an interesting, colour-coordinated alternative to lists.

The Twimbow layout is pretty cool, and is ideal for smaller screens. You don’t have to waste a ton of space with columns since all of your ‘Personal Buzz’ is one column on the left – replies, retweets, DMs, favourites and more – all colour coded making it easy to distinguish between the different categories. A column containing your home feed is in the centre of the screen, where you can also access any lists that you’ve created or follow. And the column to the right of the screen can be used to keep track of any search term of your choice.

The public launch also comes with a stack of new features for long-time beta testers to try out. One of the best new features is what has been dubbed the ‘noise killer’. You can create filters to remove tweets containing keywords from your timeline and lists. There’s no limit to the number of filters you can create.

The new Twimbow is also a much faster Twimbow. Updates can be sent in the background, which will allow you to continue to browsing Twitter without having to wait.

Twimbow 1.2 is also a lot easier on your API calls. When opening other users’ profiles, rather than display their tweets straight away, it displays their basic profile, giving you the choice to click once again to display their latest tweets.

Twimbow is an extremely solid web-based Twitter app with integration, multiple account support, and it’s got to be one of the most visually appealing clients we’ve ever come across.

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