Do It (Tomorrow): A to-do list for the procrastinator

Do It (Tomorrow): A to-do list for the procrastinator

Do It (Tomorrow) is a free Android productivity app that could change the way you approach your task list. If GTD is too elaborate a system for you, and if the Pomodoro technique doesn’t suit your pace at work, this little app gives you a much more simplified way of doing things.

Do It (Tomorrow) is one of the many slick apps that have been developed by Adalytica, an international team with members in Beijing and Seattle.

The app consists only of two tabs – a task list for today and one for tomorrow. To switch between the two lists, swipe the screen. To postpone a task until the next day, hit the arrow button on the right hand side of the screen. You can add new tasks at the top of either list, and once you ‘ve completed the task, simply tap it once to mark it as done.

Hitting the edit button allows you to delete tasks off of your list.

If the handwriting font isn’t your cup of tea, you can switch to a standard font in the app’s settings. Other available settings include a sync feature, which when enabled, allows you to enter an email address and password, to use across your various devices.

That is all the functionality that Do It (Tomorrow) affords its users, and for some that is all that you need. It labels itself as a To-Do app for procrastinators and using this novel approach may get you to get to your task list in a more orderly fashion, especially if you find yourself postponing the same tasks day after day.

The design is also extremely appealing, between the simple layout, the handwriting font, and the coffee-stained paper, it brings a bit of the old school filofax to your smartphone.

A free iPhone version of Do It (Tomorrow) is available for download from the iTunes app store.

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